Q: What is the release date? When can I play?

A: Battle for the Grid is live now on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch! Stay tuned for announcements regarding Steam (PC) release.

Q: I accidentally purchased/changed my mind? Can I get a refund?

A: All pre-orders have been completed. PlayStation pre-orders (US) were done directly through the PlayStation store, and as such had no associated codes and can be directly downloaded. For any post launch requests, please direct your request to your platform, as we are unable to initiate any refunds made through other vendors:

https://support.playstation.com (Sony PlayStation)

https://support.nintendo.com (Nintendo Switch)

https://support.xbox.com (Microsoft Xbox)

Q: I bought the game and the skins are locked! How do I get the skins?

A: The skins you have access to are dependent on what you purchased. The Green V2 skin for Tommy Oliver is dependent upon you having pre-ordered the game or installed the skin within  the days following release on your specific platform. Unfortunately if this was not done in-time the skin will not be available to you.

The Lord Drakkon EVO II and Pink MMPR for Ranger Slayer skins require having purchased the Collector’s Edition. Once you have the game installed you will need to install the skins as separate DLC. Simply check your platform’s store for add-ons to install the skins individually.

The Red Dragonshield for Jason skin requires a Season One pass purchase (which is included in the Collector’s Edition), and also requires a DLC installation (addon) of the skin separate from the game via your platform’s store.

If you are receiving any kind of error when installing skins associated with your purchase please contact the platform (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) directly via the links above.

Q: I found a bug! How can I report it?

A: If you found a bug in the game please visit the link ‘report an in-game issue’ located at the bottom of battleforthegrid.com and fill out the form to report. Additionally, social media is monitored for both bugs and feedback about the game, so feel free to post there as well.




Q: I have feedback about the game! How can I report it?

A: Our social media is monitored for both bugs and feedback about the game, so feel free to post and join the discussion!:




If you would rather not publicly post, you can also use the ‘report an in-game issue’ located at the bottom of battleforthegrid.com and fill out the form to report.

Q: I pre-ordered the game and am having an issue with my code. Who can I contact for help?

A: Xbox and Switch players that pre-ordered codes via the website and are experiencing an issue receiving their codes can contact shop@battleforthegrid.com. Any pre-order done on PlayStation would not include a code as the purchase was made via the PlayStation store directly. Make sure you have checked your email Promotional/Junk folders!


Q: I own DLC characters or the Season Pass on and I can't access them. How do I get my DLC content?

A: Any paid DLC content will require installation before you can access it. Once installed, you may need to restart the game, however they should then be accessible. See these instructions depending on your platform on how to install DLC content:

https://support.playstation.com/s/article/PS4-Trouble-With-Downloadable-Content (Playstation)

https://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-setup/view-downloadable-content (Xbox)

https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22423/~/how-to-purchase-or-download-content-in-nintendo-switch-eshop (Nintendo Switch)