1.6.1 Combat Hotfix Notes

1.6.1 Combat Hotfix Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Udonna’s Frost Orb no longer causes permanent freeze when hitting the opponent during their pre-jump state.

  • Quantum Ranger no longer soft locks the game when he’s thrown by Jason.

  • Magna Defender’s OTG state after his wall bounce hit reaction now behaves consistently.

  • Tommy, Drakkon, Udonna: projectile limitations are now correctly applied and cannot be bypassed with crouch input.


  • Neutral Special (counter) no longer has any super armor post-counterattack, due to its new mechanics and utility.

Kat Manx

  • Standing medium hitstun reduced from 33 to 28, with its cancel window moving up 2 frames earlier, mitigating the effectiveness of specific ground loop combos.

  • Standing heavy hitstun reduced from 35 to 30 frames.

Magna Defender

  • Fixed a specific hit reaction with EX attack; it now guarantees the follow-up ground bounce and no longer puts the victim into a backwards spinning knockdown (after using up all ground bounces, for instance).

Mastodon Sentry

  • Fixed an issue with forward Special (mine) spawning a mine in mid-air if certain hurtbox conditions are met.

  • Forward Special (close range, button tap) startup reduced by 1f.

Ranger Slayer

  • Fixed an issue with chaining from nocked high arrows (standing medium); you can now cancel this attack into standing heavy, instead of standing heavy 2.

  • Fixed an issue with nocked forward Special (rising knee): hitbox and frame data is now consistent with its normal version.

  • Nocked forward + medium (slayer rain) now has OTG properties.


  • Ice Spike projectiles (forward Special) can no longer spawn outside of the arena, making it much more reliable in corner combos. Damage has been slightly reduced.

  • Super now causes a crumple hit reaction, allowing for follow-up attacks. Damage has been reduced.

  • Neutral Special (Frost Orb) juggle limiter penalty reduced significantly, but is now limited to one per combo (second Frost Orb hit causes air reset), allowing for lengthier combos off of stray Frost Orb hits.

  • Crouching heavy now has OTG properties (limited spinning knockdown).

Shadow Ranger

  • Fixed a specific rear hitbox issue with neutral Special > H (“For Isinia!”), that extended Shadow’s hurtbox way behind him against certain projectiles.

Quantum Ranger

  • Fixed an issue with Evasive Gambit > L (“Up Here” teleport) airblock animation playing incorrectly.

  • Quantum Power crouching heavy (launcher): added a launch limitation to mitigate effectiveness of specific loop combos.

Known Issues

  • Certain beam projectiles can be reflected by Shadow Ranger’s forward Special and Goldar’s back heavy.
  • While on 2P side (on the right side, facing left), calling an assist while the opponent is KO’d can cause the assist to face the incorrect direction. To be fixed in the next update.