June Combat Patch Notes

June Combat Patch Notes

Hey Rangers! There’s a lot in store for you all in this patch to address character and gameplay changes across the Grid! You can expect to see battle changes for several characters from Udonna to Adam Park, whether it is more efforts required to defeat your foes or reduced damage to give others a chance. The new patch update also tackles Megazord adjustments in addition to all the buffs and nerfs galore. Read on for more details!

Presentation Adjustments

  • Game camera has been tuned to give high altitude characters more head room. This has no effect on gameplay.

  • Game camera has been tuned to widen the field of view more granularly. This has no effect on gameplay.

General Character Adjustments

  • Physics colliders and hurtbox colliders have been normalized and made more consistent across the board.

    • Combos are more reliable against a variety of characters.

    • Pass through and cross over functionality behaves more consistently against all types of character sizes.

Megazord Balance Adjustments

  • Megazords no longer deal unscaled damage.

  • Megazord hits do not advance damage proration. A MZ opening hit into a full combo still deals high damage, for instance.

Dino Megazord

  • Ultra Power Sword (Heavy): significantly increased startup time.

S.P.D. Megazord

  • Delta Arrest (Medium): no longer affects non-leader opponents.

Samurai Megazord

  • Counterattack: hitbox size increased dramatically.

  • Omamori (Light): damage increased slightly per hit.

  • Tempered Steel (Heavy): damage increased slightly. First hit can now hit on-the-ground (OTG). Range extended significantly.


  • Excavator (Medium): startup reduced significantly. Increased hitstun of first hit.

  • Thunderzord Tail Combo (Heavy): Startup reduced slightly. Duration between attacks reduced significantly.

Character Balance Changes

Tommy Oliver / S01 Green Ranger

  • Juggle limiter inflation reduced across the board.

  • Damage adjustments

    • Standing Light 1: 35 ➔ 40 

    • Standing Light 2: 35 ➔ 40

    • Standing Medium 1: 40 ➔ 60

    • Standing Heavy 1: 50 ➔ 60

    • Standing Heavy 2: 50 ➔ 60

    • Crouching Light: 35 ➔ 40

    • Crouching Heavy: 75 ➔ 80

    • Jumping Light: 35 ➔ 40

    • Jumping Heavy: 65 ➔ 70

    • Putty Masher (Forward + Medium): 60 ➔ 70

    • Dragon Wave (Back + Special): 100 ➔ 80

    • Dragonzord Missile Assault (Super): 50*3 ➔ 70*3 (unscaled portion)

  • Putty Masher and Axe Kick (Back + Medium): are now “kara” cancelable

  • Putty Masher now causes wall bounce.

  • Dragon Wave: now causes a reverse launch hit reaction. Startup reduced from F27 to F17. Dragon Wave gains 1 point of armor at frame 6 and lasts until frame 17.

  • Dragon Drill (Forward + Special): special cancel window to Dragon Dive expanded.

  • Dragon Dive (Jumping Special): hitbox size increased slightly.

  • Back Throw: special cancel window to Dragon Drill expanded.

Jason Lee Scott / S01 Red Ranger

  • Juggle limiter inflation reduced across the board.

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Standing Medium 2: decreased recovery on hit, increased damage.

  • Crouching Heavy: increased launch height.

  • Jumping Light and Jumping Medium: increased gravity on juggle hit.

  • Titanus Counter (Special): startup reduced dramatically; counter frame starts at frame 10, down from frame 28.

  • Back Roll (Back + Special): follow-up input window is now earlier; overall faster to shoot.

  • Air Blaster Shot (Jumping Special): increased damage, hitbox height increased.

  • Triple Threat (EX): follow-up is now optional. On successful hit, the player can press Special to perform the additional EX attacks.

  • Forward Throw now causes wall bounce.

  • Back Throw now causes launch.

Kimberly Hart / Ranger Slayer

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  •  “Normal” arrow target combos reworked.

    • Ranger Slayer can fire any 3 “normal” medium arrows in succession, as long as moves aren’t repeated back to back.

      • E.g., Medium > Back + Medium > Medium, or Forward + Medium, Back + Medium, Forward + Medium, are acceptable combos.

  • Standing Medium is now cancelable into Crouching Medium.

  • Arrow projectile strength increased, with normal arrows matching the strength of Mastodon Sentry’s projectiles. Special arrows are slightly stronger.

  • Nocked arrows projectile strength increased significantly. Each arrow is as strong as Tommy’s Dragon Fire.

  • Standing Light and Standing Light 2: now cancelable into crouching attacks. Reduced hitstun and blockstun.

  • Crouching Light: can now be rapid fired. Cancel window moved 4 frames earlier.

  • Standing Medium: reduced hitstun, cancel window pushed back.

  • Crouching Medium: can now hit OTG; OTG causes a limited spinning knockdown.

  • Forward Throw: now causes a sliding knockdown (state that can be OTG’d)

  • Jumping Light: startup reduced to 1F, from 3F.

  • Pterodactyl Flight ~ Rear Shot (Forward Special ~ Heavy): reworked and replaced with Bird of Prey, a divekick-like attack. Normal version causes spinning knockdown on juggle hit, while nocked causes wall bounce.

  • Forward Dash: reduced earliest attack cancel time by 2 frames.

Magna Defender

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Increased dash jump height.

  • Moon Splitter (Back + Heavy): now causes a ground bounce on hit. Reduced startup to 21F, down from 23F. Increased forward distance. Reduced blockstun and increased recovery.

  • Magna Blaster (Special) reworked

    • Projectile speed increased by 100%

    • Max distance increased by 25%

    • Considered 5 separate projectiles spreading out in a shotgun formation

    • At close range, damage is increased to 134

  • Hot Steel (Forward Special): animation adjusted; now travels smoothly and more consistently, making it more reliable in combos.

  • Energy Chop (Jumping Special): juggle more consistently on hit. Landing active hit extends behind Magna Defender, significantly.

  • Energy Chop: ground bounce is now guaranteed, regardless of how many ground bounces were used in the combo.

  • Forward Dash: reduced earliest cancel window to 10F, down from 12F.

Udonna / S14 White Ranger

  • Crouching Heavy: OTG spinning knockdown no longer knocks opponent away.

  • Snow Shield (Back Special): reduced total time; frames to 40, down from 57.

  • Icicle Strike (Forward Special): startup reduced from 30F to 22F. Juggle and pushback properties adjusted to make it launch more consistently.

  • Hail Storm (Jumping Special): third projectile now causes ground bounce (on ground), and spike bounce (in air). Projectile hitbox size increased.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Removed juggle limiter inflation on all attacks.

  • Standing Medium: can now hit OTG, causing limited OTG ground bounce. First hit now causes no pushback, making it more consistent in juggles.

  • Standing Heavy 2: increased forward movement distance.

  • Jumping Light: increased hitbox size and increased active window.

  • Jumping Medium: startup reduced to 15F, down from 18F; active frames increased to 16F, from 6F.

  • Dragon Pound (Jumping Special): launches higher. OTG properties changed to match normal hit property (reverse launch type).

  • Mega Beam (assist only): startup reduced to 30F, from 39F.

  • Launcher jump distance increased making it easier to convert hits into juggle combos from range.

  • Mega Launch (EX): increased startup to 16F, from 12F. Decreased forward movement and increased hitbox width above Trini’s head significantly.

Trey of Triforia / S03 Gold Ranger

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Crouching Light: reduced total frame time; less recovery on whiff.

  • Standing Medium: reduced total frame time; less recovery on whiff. Additional upper-body height hitbox added.

  • Jumping Medium: increased active frames to 10, up from 4.

  • Jumping Heavy: increased active frames to 7, up from 3.

  • Gold Rush (Forward Special): now projectile invincible from frame 3 to 24, and nullifies projectiles from frames 3 to 14.

  • Gold Rush Retreat (Gold Rush ~ Forward + Special): now cancelable into Gold Rush Dash.

  • Gold Rush sequence of Retreat > Dash > Rise > Air Retreat: now allows for one extra Gold Rush aerial maneuver.

  • Gold Rush Rise, Retreat, Dash: aerial versions are fully projectile invulnerable.

  • Counterfeit (Jumping Special) can be performed 1 frame earlier from a jump.

  • Forward Dash: distance increased by ~15%.

Anubis Cruger / SPD Shadow Ranger

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Shadow Slash (Special ~ Light)  and Saber Slash (Jumping Special): increased hitbox length significantly.

  • Saber Slash: decreased recovery time.

  • Jumping Heavy: hitbox height increased.

  • Shadow Form (Special): dash cancels can be performed slightly earlier.

  • Shadow Strike: reduced pre-teleport (startup) by 5F.

  • Guard Breaker (Back Special ~ Back Special): startup time decreased.

  • Justice Defense (Forward Special): increased parry active window to 17 frames, up from 9.

Dai Shi

  • Wolf Rush (Special): overall dramatically faster. Forward run begins 17 frames earlier and all follow-up attacks execute 6 frames earlier.

  • King of the Jungle (Forward Special): prejump frames reduced to 8 frames, down from 16.

  • Lion Maul (Forward Special ~ Medium): descends immediately upon activation; much faster overhead attack.

  • King Cobra Combination (EX): fully invincible until its first active hit.

Robert “RJ” James / S16 Purple Ranger

  • Crouching Medium: increased hitstun by 2F, making cancels into Wolf Wheel guaranteed on hit.

  • Forward Throw and Back Throw: damage increased to 80, up from 70.

  • Forward Throw: now cancelable into Pounce.

  • Standing Medium: decreased juggle limiter inflation.

  • Wolf Wheel (Special) and Wolf Wheel Spike (Special ~ Forward Special): increased projectile damage by 20.

  • Wolf Wheel Spike: frames 1 to 11 are jump attack invincible, and the rising hit portion is air unblockable.

  • Pounce (Forward Special) reworked

    • Much faster

    • Lower jump height

    • Cancelable into jumping attacks earlier

    • Jump attacks from Pounce now add extra recovery time on landing

  • Lunar Cyclone: increased true damage by 20.

Ryu / Crimson Hawk Ranger

  • MP Shoryuken (Medium Shoryuken): increased invincibility frames to 7, up from 4.

Chun-Li / Blue Phoenix Ranger

  • Fixed an issue where Chun-Li could perform a ground block while in mid-air.

  • Fixed an issue where Chun-Li could cancel into Megazord Ultra off of a blocked EX Spinning Bird Kick.

Adam Park / S01 Black Ranger

  • Health reduced to 900, down from 950.

  • Standing Heavy: reduced meter gain. First hit damage reduced to 30, down from 40.

  • Standing Heavy 2: reduced hitstun of first hit from 40F to 27F. First hit damage reduced to 40, down from 50. Second hit damage increased to 60, up from 50.

  • Crouching Heavy 2: reduced hitstun of first hit from 34F to 28F.

  • Shredder Barrage (Back Special ~ Medium): teleport cancel requirement adjusted; now requires non-blocked hit.

  • Pond Hopper (Back Special ~ Heavy): fixed an issue with performing assist takeovers.

  • Pond Hopper: much more punishable when Adam doesn’t successfully reach the back edge of the screen (e.g., from chasing him).


  • Standing Heavy 3 (Forward + Heavy version): hitstun fixed; comboable into Standing Light.

  • Jumping Heavy: decreased overall hitbox size.

  • Jumping Special: decreased overall hitbox size. Increased hurtbox size.

  • Sledge Splash (Special ~ Back + Special): must be blocked high.

Rita Repulsa

  • Swap Strike now transitions to idle state correctly in all situations.