December 2021 Patch Notes

December 2021 Patch Notes

Known Issues

  • Adam Park’s Around the World attack may cause unexpected character placement issues in certain situations. To be fixed in the next available patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Shadow Ranger DLC: Formal Attire is now unlockable.



  • Launcher attack rules have been normalized across the cast.

    • I.e., blocked launchers can always be canceled with EX/Snapback/Super.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Health increased to 1300, up from 1100.

Shadow Ranger

  • Shadow Saber (Super): fixed an issue where Shadow Ranger remained projectile invincible on whiff and block.

Chun-Li (Blue Phoenix Ranger)

  • Fixed an issue where performing launcher (standing Special) canceled into EX Spinning Bird Kick caused Chun-Li to execute a different special attack.

  • Spinning Bird Kick: reduced charge time from 45 frames down to 40 frames.

  • Kikoken: reduced charge time from 45 to 35 frames.

  • EX Kikoken: reduced hitstun from 30 down to 25.

  • Hoyokusen (Super): increased true damage by 20.


  • Standing heavy: hitstun reduced from 44 down to 37.

  • Crouching heavy: fixed hurtbox properties.

  • Candy Swirl (jumping Special): no longer auto-corrects.