1.6.2 Patch Notes

1.6.2 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Training mode: added “Super Meter Reset” toggle, found under Training Settings within the training mode pause menu.

    • Super Meter is now set per bar, instead of by entire gauge percentage.

    • If toggled ON, Super Meter reset kicks in during non-combo states (only resets when player stops performing their combo and returns to an idle type state).

  • Training mode: added Record and Playback functionality (!!!), allowing players to record 100 seconds of input as the training mode dummy, which can then be played back against the player.

    • Record and Playback buttons can be assigned within the Button Configuration menu.

    • Recording time is limited to 100 seconds.

    • Playback functionality loops your entire recording automatically.

  • Throw breaks (a.k.a. “techs”) are now accompanied by an appropriate visual effect.

  • Assist cooldown indicators are now dimmed the entire time that the assist is unavailable, giving players a way to check on their assist availability during lengthy combos.

Bug Fixes

  • Megagoldar’s heavy attack (Goldia Punch) now only correctly hits once, maximum. Damage increased from 100 to 120.

  • Incoming characters no longer enter from behind the active attacker in cases where the KO’d character is defeated with a cross-up attack.

  • Training mode damage display now correctly tallies damage when the dummy’s health bar is completely depleted.

  • Non-leader characters (assists) can no longer be thrown or grabbed in certain edge cases.

  • Fixed various UI issues that could cause the UI to appear in front of characters and other game objects.

  • EX attacks no longer grant invincibility frames when hitting non-leader characters (assists).

Known Issues and Planned Fixes

  • In certain KO cases, assists are launched in an unexpected direction (toward KO’d bodies, instead of toward the incoming enemy character). We’re currently working on resolving this issue.

  • We're currently investigating a visual effect issue when playing as Tommy Oliver's White Ranger skin. To be addressed in a future update.


  • Reversal system (on wake-up) reworked:

    • Reduced the input buffer leniency on wake-up attacks. I.e., wake-up Supers, Swap Strikes, EX attacks, throws, and anti-airs now only have a 10-frame reversal input window at the tail end of the character’s recovery state, whereas this window used to be up to 30 frames. This makes it less likely for players to accidentally perform wake-up attacks.

    • Reversal input priority adjusted as follows: Megazord Ultra > Swap Strike > Super > EX Attack > Back Throw > Throw > Anti-Air

      • This allows players to input a reversal wake-up throw, while preventing accidental wake-up anti-air launchers.

  • Swap Strike damage properties normalized and fixed across the board:

    • All Swap Strikes are now properly unscaled.

    • All Swap Strikes can OTG.

    • Swap Strike damage set to 70.

Tommy Oliver

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Tommy to cancel his normal attacks on whiff.

Jason Lee Scott

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Jason's neutral Special (Titanus Counter) to counter throws in certain edge cases.

  • Crouching heavy total damage reduced from 90 to 70.

  • Super damage decreased from 400 to 380 and now applies damage scaling to follow-up hits.

  • Assist now properly applies damage scaling on follow-up hits. Assist startup increased by 2 frames and its hitbox to hurtbox ratio has been reduced so that it's more likely to be stuffed by other attacks.

  • Forward Special (Triple Slice) hitbox to hurtbox ratio has been reduced so that it's more likely to be stuffed by other attacks. Triple Slice 2 physics box improved to prevent character "popping" after certain collision cases.

  • Airborne Special damage decreased from 70 to 50.

Gia Moran

  • No significant changes.

Ranger Slayer

  • Super (Pterodactyl Assault) now causes a stagger hit reaction against non-leader characters (assists) on hit.

Kat Manx

  • Fixed an issue with Kat’s EX attack, causing it to apply additional hits. Damage decreased overall.

  • Decreased damage and meter gain of standing heavy 2 and forward heavy.

  • Standing heavy 2 recovery frames increased by 2.

  • Neutral Special 3 (Kat Scratch 3) no longer deals unscaled damage.

  • Forward Special (Catwheel) recovery increased by 1 frames, blockstun reduced by 2. Projectile invincibility window shortened to 18 frames, down from 24. First 6 frames are now vulnerable to projectiles, preventing her from using the attack as a reversal against projectile attacks.

  • Airborne Special (Kat Dive) recovery increased, making it less oppressive when blocked. 

  • Back throw damage decreased from 150 to 120.

Magna Defender

  • Fixed an issue with EX attack followed by assist takeover sequence, causing the victim to teleport across the arena.

  • EX attack (Zika’s Revenge): damage decreased to be more in line with other EX attacks. Blockstun reduced, making it easier to punish.

  • Standing medium 2 visual effect fixed.

  • Forward throw: damage decreased.

  • Neutral Special (Magna Blaster) and assist: meter gain and damage decreased.

  • Forward Special (Hot Steel): pushback decreased, making it easier to punish.

  • Airborne Special (Energy Chop) now hits more consistently in juggles.

  • Super: decreased overall damage and added damage scaling penalty to follow-up combo hits.

Lord Drakkon

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Drakkon to cancel his normal attacks on whiff.

  • Reduced overall meter gain.

  • Super damage reduced down to 390, from 400. Final hit of Super now scales follow-up damage much more aggressively.

  • Standing heavy 1: cancel window input leniency is now much earlier, making it much easier to cancel between the first and second hit.

  • Standing heavy 2: damage decreased from 100 to 70, thanks to its utility in setting up OTG-friendly knockdowns.

  • Assist (Surging Kick): damage decreased from 70 to 60, with its follow-up damage scaling more aggressively.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Goldar to block during the recovery of his airborne Special (Giant Swoop).

  • Back Special (Giant Leap) reworked:

    • Assist inputs (assist call and assist takeover) are now allowed during any period of this attack, improving its functionality in the neutral game.

    • Goldar no longer drags the victim across the screen. Rather, he slams the victim into the edge of the screen, regardless of positioning in the arena.

    • Improved readability of attack when connecting against cornered enemies.


Mastodon Sentry

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Mastodon Sentry’s Super to counter throws in certain edge cases.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

  • Fixed an issue with Swap Strike dealing scaled damage (now properly deals true damage).


  • Super (Ice Explosion) now causes a stagger hit reaction against non-leader characters (assists) on hit.

  • Forward Special (Icicle Strike): reverse launch hit reaction now limited to 1 per combo. Additionally, Icicle Strike juggles more consistently and launches enemies higher.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • DAT’s juggle hurtboxes have been adjusted, making certain combos easier to perform on her.

  • DAT’s ground bounce physics box has been normalized to match other characters, making it less likely for her attacker to pass beneath her.

  • Fixed an issue with canceling DAT’s standing heavy 2 with Megazord Ultra.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT’s forward Special (Missile Charge) could be thrown or grabbed out of mid-air.

Trey of Triforia

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Trey to cancel out of his EX attack with forward medium.

  • EX attack (Zeo Shuffle): damage increased, slightly.

  • Slightly reduced meter gain on combo-friendly attacks, such as standing heavy and back Special.

  • Forward medium (Ranger Step Kick) damage reduced from 80 to 60.

  • Back Special (Gold Dust) damage decreased to 60, from 70. Air hit reaction fixed so enemies no longer snap lower than they are. Hitbox of second kick improved to reliably connect if the first kick connects.

  • Assist attack: increased follow-up damage scaling penalty.

  • Forward Special > up Special (Gold Rush Rise) launch hit reaction is no longer limited, but applies much more juggle limit penalty.

  • Airborne Special (Counterfeit) height restriction lowered, with 3 frames of input leniency, improving its effectiveness from all jump states.

  • Neutral Special (Zeo Power Up Blast) reworked.

    • Now projects a hitbox above Trey as he thrusts his staff above him (on frame 15 for 3 frames), causing a limited launch hit reaction.

    • Projectile hitbox size increased. Projectile speed decreased slightly.

    • Third projectile now causes a limited spinning knockdown hit reaction when colliding with an airborne enemy, and a normal spinning knockdown when hitting grounded foes.

    • Damage per projectile decreased from 50 to 30.

    • These changes make this attack more viable in the neutral game, with some added utility in combos.

Jen Scotts

  • Forward Special~Special (Flashback Kick): reverse launch hit reaction now limited to 1 per combo.

  • Super (Time’s Up) now causes a stagger hit reaction against non-leader characters (assists) on hit.

Lord Zedd

  • Neutral Special (DaggerZ) now correctly fires 4 projectiles instead of 3. Projectile homing properties improved, slightly.

  • Forward Special (Prepare the Palace) hits one less time, but deals more damage per hit and hits more consistently, making it more reliable in combos and much easier to convert off of.

  • Standing heavy first hit no longer causes pushback, mitigating the chances of the second hit whiffing at certain ranges.

  • Forward heavy (Z Staff Head-crush) recovery reduced by 2 frames.

  • Back Special (Catalytic Jolt) air hit reaction (spinning knockdown) no longer limited.

  • Enhanced back Special (Fulmination) and assist attack no longer contribute to launcher hit reaction limitations.

  • Airborne Special (Seismic Crush) recovery reduced by 1 frame.

  • Reduced juggle limiter penalty on all attacks that have any, with attacks like upgraded Back Special (Fulmination) and assist attack juggle limiter removed altogether.

  • EX attack (Hail of Ire) reworked:

    • Increased invincibility frames to 14, up from 9. Increased recovery by 6 frames.

    • ALL hits now have OTG properties. Follow-up raining projectiles spawn 2 frames later, with a much faster descending velocity.

    • Every projectile is guaranteed to hit if the initial launching hit connects successfully.

    • Damage increased overall. However, raining projectiles can no longer cause a spike bounce effect.

Shadow Ranger

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Shadow Ranger's forward Special (Justice Defense) to counter throws in certain edge cases.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Shadow Ranger to receive a grounded hit reaction when he’s hit out of the air during his jumping heavy attack.

  • Improved Shadow Ranger’s assist tracking properties, particularly when he’s called while the player’s leader is crossing over the enemy.

  • Super (Shadow Saber) now causes a stagger hit reaction against non-leader characters (assists) on hit.

Quantum Ranger

  • Super (Quantum Power) duration reduced to 16 seconds, down from 20.