2.5 Patch Notes

2.5 Patch Notes

Major Changes

  • We’ve heard your concerns, and we agree -- the small playable area felt like fighting in a phone booth, especially with the incredible mobility options available to the cast. We’ve doubled the playable area, and all stage environments have been modified to accommodate this change. 
    • Of course, this comes with several implications on gameplay and balance, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback closely as the meta shakes out. Ultimately, matches should feel much more dynamic, with more of a focus on spacing and stage control. An indirect implication is there are fewer “touch of deaths”.
  • Megazord timers have been drastically reduced across the board. Level 2 MZ Ultra timer now allows for roughly 2 MZ attacks, while a level 3 MZ Ultra is just enough time for 4. This is to reduce the time players feel like they’re forced to “not play”, while reducing the impact of powerful MZ Ultra loop combos.

Bug Fixes

  • Projectile handling improved (no longer crashes when spawning too many projectiles). E.g., Lauren’s Sakura Strike.

Known Issues

  • Jen Scotts' flying knockdown hit reaction may cause erratic behavior in certain situations. This is to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Dino Megazord

  • Reduced Dino Stomp (medium attack) damage; from 200 to 150.
  • Dino Stomp active frames decreased from 10 to 4, reducing the likelihood of it hitting airborne enemies.

Lord Drakkon

  • Fixed a physics box issue with standing heavy 2. It should be much more consistent as a juggle follow-up (i.e., Drakkon is less likely to cross under juggled foes)

Magna Defender

  • Fixed a cancel window that allowed Magna Defender to mash out of his own Back Special (Avenger) follow-up

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Jetrush launch speed improved (the time it takes for her to begin launching forward reduced). Additionally, it’s now “S-cancelable” between frames 21 and 43, giving her a “fake-out” option.
  • Normal light attack damage increased from 40 to 50.
  • Megabeam damage increased, up to 140, from 120.
  • Megabeam (and assist variant) now have a very slight “pull-in” effect on juggled enemies.

Jen Scotts

  • Super cinematic properties improved and should feel much more consistent (i.e., where Jen and her enemy end up post-cinematic).

Lord Zedd

  • Super cinematic properties improved and should feel much more consistent (i.e., where Zedd and his enemy end up post-cinematic).

Quantum Ranger 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented jump and Quantum Leap after performing Formation: Air Blade.
  • Crashblade’s ground bounce effect is now a bit more consistent (Formation: Air Blade into follow-up)

Lauren Shiba

  • Standing heavy now causes a limited spinning knockdown, mitigating her damage output from her Shiba stance loops.
  • Samurai Fire is no longer considered a “low” hit, and can be blocked while standing.