2.6 Patch Notes

2.6 Patch Notes

Major Improvements

  • CPU AI has been dramatically improved and a CPU Difficulty setting has been added to the Settings menu. 

    • CPU Difficulty affects Arcade, Story, and Versus (CPU) modes.

    • CPU AI now moves around and behaves more naturally.

  • Lord Drakkon’s Throne Room (Story) and Command Center (Story) are now selectable stages.

Presentation Improvements

  • Camera effects improved on Throws, EX Attacks, Swap Strikes, and Supers.

  • Visual effect and dramatic super pause added to Super activations (i.e., “pre-flash pause”)

  • Slight character shake effect added to character attacks (during hitpause).

  • BGM Mode has been added to the Audio Settings menu, with options of Normal and Random (plays any stage BGM, regardless of stage selected).

Bug Fixes

  • Inflicting a “Super pause” against an incoming character no longer causes erratic behavior. I.e., performing a Super after KO-ing a character no longer causes the next incoming character to ignore Super pause.



All Characters

  • Fixed a hitbox interaction issue with MZ Ultra activation (meaty throws versus MZ Ultra no longer causes erratic behavior)


  • Goldar Tackle (Forward Special) total frame count increased from 65 to 73 to address a true infinite combo.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Jet Rush (Back Special): DAT now becomes projectile invincible on frame 19, down from 45.

  • Missile Charge (Forward Special) is now cancelable (on hit or block) into Dragon Pound.

  • Mega Launch (EX Attack): follow-up blasts are now guaranteed to land regardless of distance.

  • Trini Megabeam (Neutral Special): fixed an issue that caused DAT's Megabeam to deal excessive block damage.

Ranger Slayer

  • Pterotumble Attack (EX Attack): fixed an issue with Ranger Slayer's facing direction in certain situations (now auto-corrects… correctly).

Tommy Oliver

  • Dragonzord Missile Assault (Super): cinematic startup can no longer be interrupted (“pre-flash” is invincible).

Jason Lee Scott

  • Forward throw is now cancelable into Triple Slice.

  • Back Roll (Back Special): each blaster shot is now cancelable into special versions of Triple Slice 2. E.g., back special > special > forward special > forward special.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

  • Portal Engine (Super): physics box adjustments to accommodate mid-screen hits.

  • Cenoball (Assist): durability increased significantly.

Jen Scotts

  • Fixed an issue where Jen Scotts’s position changed erratically when she’s hit in specific situations.

  • Standing Medium: hitbox height reduced slightly.

  • Forecast: Rain (Assist): assist entrance starting position moved forward slightly, making it easier to hit her before she fires her missiles. Assist projectile homing capability reduced slightly.

  • Time Force Combination (EX Attack): follow-up shots are now guaranteed to land regardless of distance.

Trey of Triforia

  • Wrath of Pyramidas (Super): cinematic startup can no longer be interrupted (“pre-flash”) is invincible.

Magna Defender

  • Normal attacks: Magna Defender can now perform Light > Medium > Heavy chains.


  • Health reduced to 950, down from 1000.

  • Soulshredder (Back Special follow-up): attack property has been fixed; is no longer an unblockable attack.

  • TK Sting (Assist): projectiles are now destroyed if their owner (Scorpina) is successfully hit. Each projectile applies 2 points of combo damage scaling, up from 1 each, reducing follow-up combo damage significantly.

  • Standing Heavy 1: damage reduced to 70, from 80.

  • Standing Heavy 2: damage reduced to 70, from 80.

Robert “RJ” James

  • Lunar Cyclone (Super): raw damage reduced from 480 to 450.

  • Knee Crush (Jumping Special): reduced initial jump height. Decreased total travel range and drop speed. Reduced blockstun from 27 frames to 21 (always jab punishable).

  • Wolf Crush (Jumping Special follow-up): reduced blockstun from 27 frames to 21 (i.e., punishable with most light attacks).

  • Standing Light: total damage reduced from 60 to 40.

  • Standing Medium: total damage reduced from 60 to 40.

  • Crouching Medium: no longer ignores the juggle limiter.

  • Standing Light and Standing Medium: now boost the juggle limiter gauge slightly.

Lauren Shiba

  • Health reduced to 950, down from 1000.

  • Sakura Strike (Assist): projectiles are now destroyed if their owner (Lauren) is successfully hit.

  • Standing Medium 1 and 2: added slight juggle limiter penalty.

  • Crouching Heavy: total damage reduced from 90 to 80. Each hit now applies a point of scaling. Meter gain slightly reduced.

  • Samurai Fire Detonate reworked

    • Hitbox height reduced significantly. 

    • Speed increased significantly. 

    • No longer hits multiple times (now a one-hit crumple, dealing 70 damage). Spawns one vertical butterfly projectile, down from three. 

    • These changes are aimed to make Samurai Fire > Crouching Heavy sequences less oppressive against much of the cast.

  • Samurai Symbol Power (Super): damage reduced from 500 to 470.