League Update: July 2020

League Update: July 2020

Greetings Rangers,

First, we’d like to thank the Ranger Nation for being patient as the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid team works behind the scenes to reconfigure our League. Our priority is the community’s health and safety, which is why we have dismissed all physical sanctioned events, including Major Stops, until further notice. The goal is to encourage our community to do their part, by being a real hero, staying home and competing safely.

Nonetheless, we know you have been training hard with excitement about the League as much as we have, and would hate to see this season cancelled. Thus, we are rewarding more points to online sanctioned events, adding new virtual Major Stops, and extending the season through the rest of 2020. For our first new Virtual Major Stop, we are partnering up with our friends at Level Up Series to produce Vanguard: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League edition for August 8, 2020. Here, players can compete and earn points similar to an offline Major in the safety of their own home. To enter, please register at smash.gg/vanguardprbftg. Can’t make it? Join us during our livestream at twitch.tv/leveluplive.

With the exciting announcement of Season 3 DLC and our League, we are working hard to continue support for the game during this unprecedented time. Please look forward to more announcements regarding our tournament schedule for the rest of the year and any status updates for the League. For more information on the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League and how to host your own sanctioned event, please go to battleforthegrid.com/league for details.

Lastly, as Zordon once said, "In this time of great uncertainty we must stand together and if possible come to each other’s aid". The team behind Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid share the same philosophy and we encourage the community to follow.

Thank you,
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid team


1) Is the League happening?
Yes. We do not plan on cancelling the League. This League cultivated a competitive community of it’s own and we look forward to nurturing it further. Whether you’ve trained at home, competed online, attended a Major Stop in person, or even helped host a tournament, we want the League to continue as a way to recognize the community for all the support it has.

2) What’s the Tournament Schedule?
The plan is to create more virtual Sanctioned events throughout the year. Due to the pandemic, most esports tournaments originally scheduled to take place in the form of live events have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020. As a result, we will continue the League in virtual format for the duration of this time. Please follow our social channels for updates and smash.gg/prbftg_league for any upcoming virtual Sanctioned events, both local scale and Majors.

3) When is the Finale?
From the beginning, we wanted to grant our players the experience of what it’s like competing on a big stage in front of an audience. Because of this, we are firm in our decision for the Finale to remain an in person event.  Based on current data, we will aim for the Finale to take place in 2021, when hopefully restrictions on large gatherings in crowded indoor spaces are lifted and borders are reopened for international travel.