Patch 1.4 Notes

Patch 1.4 Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue of characters being able to snap beneath the floor during low-altitude juggle combos.

  • Various attack cancel windows fixed (e.g., EX attacks not being cancelable with Zord activation).

  • Fixed an issue where Swap Strikes would fling the victim the opposite direction.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Playstation players with over 100 platform friends from queuing into online matches.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Lord Drakkon's Arcade mode from being completed.

Known Issues

  • Megazord attacks failing to produce impact sound effects. This will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  • Nintendo Switch is unable to remap buttons. This will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  • Lord Zedd is currently not counting toward character level based Achievements/Trophies and Banners. This will be fixed in an upcoming update.

New Features and Improvements

  • Lord Zedd has arrived! Lord Zedd can be purchased separately and is also included in the Season One DLC pass.
  • Act III of Story Mode has been added.
  • Players can now create up to 3 preset teams that can be selected in the Create Team screen. Creating and editing your preset teams can be done in your Profile.
  • Show Damage info display in Training Mode now displays a juggle limiter gauge, giving training players a visual indicator on how the infinite prevention system works, making it much easier to practice optimized combos.

  • Impact sound effects now play sounds in a more consistent manner. E.g., Jason’s Super generates the same sound impact effects regardless of whether the attack connects as a juggle or a grounded hit.

  • Block sound effects have been improved, with lighter attacks making softer impact sounds than heavy attacks.

  • EX and Swap Strikes: character visual effect timing more accurately represents when the character is invulnerable to give players a better sense of their invincibility windows.

  • Swap Strikes have been universally sped up, each having a startup of 6 frames.

Mobility and Physics

  • Pushblock now only affects the object/character whose hitbox/projectile inflicted the pushblocker’s blockstun. For instance, if you’re blocking a multi-hit assist, you’re no longer able to get out of jail for free with one pushblock, since the pushblock won’t affect the leader.

    • This is a significant adjustment, making assist and Megazord blockstun mix-ups much more difficult to get out of as the defender.

  • Normal jump attacks now cause four frames of landing recovery (AKA “trip guard”). E.g., a player performing Jason’s jumping light will not be able to block during the first four frames of their landing animation. However, they can still cancel their landing frames with an attack.

  • Dashing can now be performed by pressing Light + Medium, or assigned as a single button press through the Button Configuration menu.

    • There’s a built-in leniency (“kara” / “plink”) buffer for most normal standing light and standing medium attacks. Naturally, this means you can “plink” and “wavedash” quickly, if you know what you’re doing.

  • It’s no longer possible to block instantly while dashing.

  • Most characters have their dashes tuned according to their size and play style.

    • For example, Goldar and Dragon Armor Trini’s dashes are more restrictive with how and when they can cancel out of them, compared to the more agile rangers who can more loosely cancel out of their dashes early and with almost anything.

  • Crouch-canceling from a dash now inherits some of the character’s momentum.

  • Jump height from launcher jump cancels (“super-jumping”) are now generally higher than the character’s normal jump height, making their air combos slightly easier to perform.

  • Projectiles now apply pushback appropriately, depending on the projectile's trajectory and direction. For instance, if you summon a forward-moving projectile on one side of the enemy and then swap sides right before the projectile makes contact with the enemy, they should be pushed toward you after being struck by the projectile.

  • Air physics boxes have been overhauled and improved dramatically.

    • Victims flipping from an air reset (such as from an attack like Tommy’s standing light) are much easier to dash under, making “jab resets” more viable (especially with plink dash-canceling).

    • Corner juggles are now much more lenient -- performing juggle combos against a cornered juggle victim now all but guarantees that the victim stays cornered, with the juggler’s attacks connecting.

  • Hurtbox improvements across the board. Character hurtboxes more closely resemble their model builds, reducing the odd “phantom shoulder” hits.

    • Most characters have had the widths of their hurtboxes reduced in size. Thin Rangers like Gia Moran and Jen Scotts have thinner hurtboxes than Jason and Tommy, for example.

  • Improved character knockdowns for “sliding knockdowns”, like Magna Defender’s neutral Special attack. Additionally, these sliding knockdowns are triggered when the wall bounce combo limit has been reached and the victim suffers an additional wall bounce attack.

    • e.g., Gia neutral Special > neutral Special will cause a flying sliding knockdown that can be picked up with an OTG Super or Swap Strike.

  • Incoming characters come into the arena in a more consistent manner when dropping in after a KO or from a Swap Strike.

Combo System

  • The ground chain-canceling system has been reworked for most characters.

    • Several characters now have traditional “magic series” cancel rules. E.g., Tommy can perform s.L > cr.L > st.M > cr.M > st.H > cr.H

    • Secondary, non-final, hits of target combos can be chained into higher-strength normals. Lord Drakkon can chain st.L > st.L2 > st.M > st.M2, for instance. But he can’t chain st.M2 into an additional normal attack.

    • Larger characters and characters with ranged fighting styles have their own unique cancel rules.

    • Generally, these rules make characters who can cancel standing light into crouching light more effective at keeping enemies grounded and punishing defensive “up-backing”.

  • Spike hit reactions now cause a combo-able ground bounce, dramatically expanding the overall combo system.

  • Ground bounces from the air ("spike bounces") are limited to one per combo. If a second air-to-ground ground bounce is used, the victim suffers a hard knockdown (spike) instead.

  • Launchers now have a limit of two per combo. The third launch in a combo puts the victim into an invincible launch state. This ends the combo, but grants enough advantage for a mix-up as the victim recovers.

  • Wall bounces are limited to one per combo, with the second wall bounce putting the victim in an invulnerable state after they bound from the wall. This is to minimize Goldar's back Special loop and other potential wall bounce infinites.

  • Certain attacks that used to cause a splat knockdown now cause a ground bounce. Grounded ground bounce has a limit of 1 per combo (separate from spike bounce, its aerial counterpart), but theoretically, you shouldn't be able to use more than one grounded ground bounce per combo anyway…

  • Staggers are limited to one per combo, with the second stagger causing a sliding knockdown effect. However, most stagger attacks no longer contribute to the juggle limiter gauge.

  • Most special attacks now no longer trigger the juggle limiter system, while all normal attacks do. Players can expect their special attacks to play out fully at the end of their max limit combos.

  • Spinning knockdown reactions (such as from connecting with Jason’s forward Special against airborne), now behave much more naturally, and less “teleporty”.

Combo System Pt. 2

  • Most crouching attacks no longer cause an air reset reaction.

    • Juggling with crouching light attacks is limited to three per combo, to prevent repetitive corner loops.

  • Most attacks have had their juggle limiter penalty reduced significantly. Ideally, the new launcher and wall bounce limitations mitigate most repetitive loops while giving players more room to create longer and more intricate combos.

  • Dragonzord's overhead tail slam (heavy attack) now causes a ground bounce.

  • Mega Goldar’s triple sword attack (light attack) now tracks the enemy leader.

  • Mega Goldar’s double foot stomp (medium attack) now causes ground bounce.

  • Dino Megazord’s sword drag (light attack) now covers the full vertical space and causes a hard knockdown on hit.

Damage and Super Gauge

  • Super gauge gain has been decreased across the board. Defending and taking damage from an attack now grant less meter (50% of attacker meter gain, down from 75%).

  • In conjunction with the new ground bounce juggle systems, damage scaling has been adjusted significantly. Combos are longer, but deal less damage at high scaling values.

    • Damage scales more aggressively when light attacks are used in combos. While jump loops remain intact, damage scaling is harsher for combos using jumping light and jumping medium attacks. Essentially, “optimal” combos should feel and look cooler and less repetitive.

    • EX attacks and Supers deal much more damage, with EX attacks ranging from 170 to 250, and Supers ranging from 350-500. EX attacks and Supers now only do partial unscaled (“true”) damage. They’re still generally the best way to end combos, but you should no longer be able to one-shot full-health characters off of a throw or light attack combo starter. Hitting raw Supers and raw EX attacks deals much more damage than before.

    • EX attacks scale follow-up damage considerably, although raw EX into Super deals a significant chunk.

  • Megazord attacks now ignore the combo damage scaling system, rewarding players who can pull off intricate Megazord combos. Dragonzord's unblockable stomp and Drill attack do still scale to a degree, however.

Assists and Assist Takeover

  • Assist taunt-out animations have been extended by thirty frames. This makes assists much more vulnerable, but also extends the Assist Takeover window, allowing players to create stronger AT mix-ups in the heat of battle.

  • Assists take an additional 50% damage, making assist calling much more risky. E.g., blasting an assist with Dragon Armor Trini’s Super or Magna Defender’s Super can nearly obliterate over half ot the assist’s health pool.

  • Assists now leave the arena immediately after the combo being received by them ends (combos against each character are tracked separately).

    • For instance, if Drakkon is called as an assist and eats a full Magna Defender Super, he’ll take massive damage, but will become immediately invulnerable once he begins recovering from the attack.

    • Hitting an assist with a light attack without a follow-up attack will have the same effect -- the assist will take the hit and immediately become invulnerable and leave the arena.

  • Assists now consistently enter the screen from a fixed height, instead of relative to character positioning.

Tommy Oliver

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Charged forward Special and assist attack now cause ground bounce (descending hits).

  • Back Special now behaves more like a traditional projectile, with the ability to collide with other incoming projectiles.

Jason Lee Scott

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Frame data for standing heavy, standing heavy 2, crouching heavy, and crouching medium improved (significantly startup on these attacks).

  • EX attack transition improved.

  • Forward Special (Triple Slice) can now only be canceled into its second and third follow-up on a successful leader hit. Striking an assist with the leader blocking prevents Jason from performing the follow-ups.

Gia Moran

  • Normal attack cancel rules adjusted.

  • Neutral Special animation reworked, with Gia lunging forward for the second whip swing (overhead).

  • Frame data for crouching light, crouching medium, standing medium, standing medium 2, crouching heavy improved (significantly startup on these attacks).

  • EX attack starts up much faster and has a cleaner follow-up transition.

  • Back heavy (anti-air launcher) starts up much faster and lunges forward less distance.

Ranger Slayer

  • Normal attack cancel rules adjusted.

  • Most arrow projectiles now fall with some gravity applied to them, giving them slightly better screen presence and utility.

  • Back Special and forward Special arrows now spawn in a staggered array.

  • Improved forward Special > medium projectile positioning, making it much easier to use both the normal and nocked versions in juggle combos.

  • EX attack reworked. Ranger Slayer now performs a forward combat roll into a low-hitting attack.

  • Crouching medium travel speed reduced significantly.

  • Crouching medium can now be canceled into standing heavy (heavy input now activates the first standing heavy instead of standing heavy 2).

  • Forward Special hitbox improved and now hits some standing characters.

Kat Manx

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Standing heavy 2 is now considered a low attack.

  • Back Special > Special (stagger) no longer contributes excessive juggle limiter gauge.

Magna Defender

  • Crouching light is now a low attack, with crouching medium changed to a mid attack, giving Magna Defender a true 50/50 mix-ups in conjunction with his command normal overhead (back Heavy).

  • Improved neutral Special hitbox height dramatically.

  • Neutral Special hits much more consistently, dealing more damage at close range, with damage falling off at farther range.

  • Back medium (unblockable boot stagger) no longer contributes excessive juggle limiter gauge.

Lord Drakkon

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Back Special now launches when hit as an anti-air or juggle attack.

  • Airborne Special (Foot Dive) now hits once, with more hitstun, making it more predictable for both Lord Drakkon and the defender.

  • Assist attack invulnerability reduced, with an active hurtbox appearing one frame before the first active hitbox. Lord Drakkon’s assist is unique with its large invincibility window, but is now vulnerable to meaty hitboxes.


  • Normal attack cancel rules adjusted.

    • Goldar can cancel standing light to crouching light to standing medium, but cannot cancel standing medium into crouching medium.

  • Back Special (Air Throw) now has a limit of 2 per combo, but inflicts much less juggle limiter penalty, deals more damage, and contributes less to damage scaling, making it a super powerful combo starter or ender, while keeping it from being used in obnoxious loops.

  • Goldar’s Super now tracks the enemy leader before descending from the air.

  • Goldar’s Super hits combo much more reliably.

  • Forward Special (stagger) no longer contributes excessive juggle limiter gauge.

  • Fixed an issue with back Special causing weird positioning issues when hit close to the corner. Goldar's air throw should be much more consistent in terms of where he and his victim land.

  • Fixed an issue with back Special physics box colliding with assists.

Mastodon Sentry

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Added on-block pushback to neutral Special, airborne Special, and forward Special attacks.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Back Special (Normal and Empowered): on hit, now causes a "reverse launch" hit reaction, launching the opponent toward Cenozoic Blue Ranger, opening up combo opportunities from a distance.

  • Back Special (Empowered): projectile positions have been swapped, with the first bolt firing from a distance and the second closeby, so that both bolts combo with the new "reverse launcher" hits.

  • Fixed an issue where Cenozoic Blue Ranger could consume his level 2 charge status but keep the electrified visual effect on.


  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Forward Special now behaves more like a traditional projectile, with the ability to collide with other incoming projectiles.

  • Fixed an issue where Udonna could have more than one neutral Special ice ball out at once.

  • Fixed a graphical animation issue when connecting with Super.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Can no longer cancel crouching light into standing light.

  • Standing medium hitbox size increased significantly, guaranteeing a juggle off of standing light 3 target combo from any range.

  • Standing heavy 2 no longer contributes excessive juggle limiter gauge.

  • Back Special (Jetrush command throw): reduced recovery of successful hit, making it less devastating as a solo combo starter. Can still be canceled into Super.

  • Forward Special hurtbox size increased, giving the attack much less priority against enemy melee attacks.

  • Fixed an issue with back Special physics box colliding with assists.

Jen Scotts

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • Forward and back dash acceleration time reduced (improved dash speeds).

  • Back Special (Hidden Missiles) and assist version now track as they fall from the sky. As leader, the missiles are destroyed if their owner (Jen Scotts) is successfully hit.

  • EX attack phase two hitboxes improved, almost always guaranteeing the gun blast hits.

  • Standing heavy hitboxes improved, making it easier to use in juggle combos.

  • Crouching heavy hitboxes improved, making it easier to use in juggle combos.

  • Consecutive air dash attacks now "auto-correct"; i.e., in a sequence like cross-up air dash j.M > j.H, the j.H will now force Jen to turn around to face her target.

  • Forward Special > Special (Flashback Kick) now causes a reverse launch, making it easier to follow up with an air combo.

  • Airborne Special (air dash) can now be performed with dash input (light + medium OR forward, forward).

Trey of Triforia

  • Normal attack cancel rules changed to “magic series”.

  • EX attack hitbox improved, making it much easier to land in juggle combos.

  • Assist hurtbox size increased dramatically, beyond Trey’s hitbox, giving it much less priority against incoming attacks.

  • Super attack hits and timing reworked.

    • Each set of lightning bolts have unique knockback effects.

    • Lightning sets appear much earlier and with less of a time gap between sets.

    • The second and third sets of lightning will no longer trigger if their owner (Trey) is successfully hit.

    • Lightning bolt sets now track.

    • Hits deal scalable damage.

    • Overall, Trey’s Super is easier to combo in its entirety and does not cause as much of a “game-stopper” for the opponent.

  • Fixed an issue where Trey could not call assists during his neutral Special attack.