Launch Features & Content

Launch Features & Content

Standard Edition Launch Content

Online Modes

  • Ranked Mode: Match up against players from across the world in online battles and fight to earn League Points.

  • Casual Mode: Similar to Ranked Mode, but without the pressure of losing League Points. This is the best place to practice with new characters or just have fun.

Offline Modes

  • Versus Mode: Compete against another player or the computer.

  • Arcade Mode: Fight in a series of battles that ultimately ends against the final boss.

  • Training Mode: Hone your skills against training mode AI and utilize a variety of functions specifically tailored to training.

  • Tutorial: Learn how to play the game’s core mechanics by playing in a series of step-by-step instructions. 

9 Characters

Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Gia Moran, Ranger Slayer, Magna Defender, Kat Manx, Mastodon Sentry, Goldar, Lord Drakkon 

3 Ultras

Dino Megazord, Dragonzord, Mega Goldar 

5 Arenas

Zordon’s Training Room, Harwood County Warzone, Mystic Forest, Lord Drakkon’s Throne Room, Command Center 


120 Collectible Banners 

Collectors Edition Launch Content

     Digital game download

     Season One Pass -- includes three new characters and a new warrior skin

     Lord Drakkon Evo II skin

     Pink Ranger skin

We will have more to announce about future content shortly.